We are supposedly in the rainy season; that hot yet wet weather that we love and hate in most probably equal measure. I say 'supposedly' because one can't quite tell what to expect, weather-wise these days; the erratic nature of the weather patterns does not allow one to predict the most appropriate dressing. Well, while we might complain of the far less harsh consequences of the weather here along the Kenyan Coast (working with the assumption that the El Nino period is not up for comparison), let us not forget that there are other areas in the world where tropical cyclones, storms and typhoons are the order of the year. Who could forget the dreaded Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that goes down in history as one of the deadliest storms to hit the United States of America. Many more recent examples do exist but the gravity of this sole demonstration goes to show the toll natural disasters can have on the world.


However, the interesting aspect of such tropical weather is the storm's eye. You see, right at the centre of a storm is an area of mostly calm weather; its eye. Naturally, one would assume that being in the centre of a storm should spell doom but in the case of these deadly weather occurrences, the centre is the safest place to be.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was at the heart of the sea of Galilee when a storm came over the water mass.

We are told of the apostles crying for mercy and calling upon their Lord to save them.

They were in the heart of the storm; sadly they forgot that they were also with the Sacred Heart.   

Max Lucado, an author from the US, penned a book, 23 years ago, with the similar title to my subject: In the eye of the storm. In this book, Lucado writes of 'Christ's calm in what he calls the second most stressful day in the life of Jesus Christ. Lucado also talks about the secret of transforming panic into peace, stress into serenity, chaos into control. You see, when you are in the proverbial maelstrom, you need to remember that nothing thrown your way, well, in the metaphorical sense, can shake or move you. If anything, an intense level of meditation and prayer never fails in helping one get a solution to a predicament that they face.

So when it gets to exam time here at Loreto; these particular set of assessments that are pertinent to the movement of a pupil from one stage to the next; what should we remember when we finally get to sit for 'the' exam - KCPE? The weather may end up seeming 'stormy' at the time and thoughts of fear and panic may abound. Remember this; a little fear never hurt anyone. In fact, that fear ensures that one remains on their toes to perform that perfect ballet routine and come out victorious.

As a teacher, I will always wish you the very best of success – may God guide you and keep you when you get to sit for these crucial exams. Always approach your exams with sobriety, being alive to the fact that they will determine where you will stand the following year.

Come out of the storm, to the other side, unscathed. 


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