Spirituality | also read SPIRITUAL FORMATION

Holy Mass

Loreto school, Catholic by faith, upholds the importance of a Holy Mass.  The entire school community converges every Friday in the school Upper hall for the celebration of the Holy Mass.  Before the construction of the hall, pupils used to go for Mass at the Holy Ghost Cathedral. 

Although the school is under the Holy Ghost Cathedral, we normally get priests from all parishes within Mombasa Archdiocese.  This is as a result of the strong support accorded the school by the Church.

A part from the celebration of the Holy Mass, the school also undertakes the obligation of preparing the young ones for sacraments such as Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Confessions.  To enrich their spiritual formation the school has also included pastoral programmes in their normal school timetable.

 What makes us unique…

Being holistic oriented school, these are some of the activities which were there, are there and will still be there. The school identifies itself with them in strong way.

The Place of Mary Mother of God


In every society people will have divergent views about different aspects of life, but one thing stands - TRUTH.  As the saying goes “Truth will out”.

Loreto Convent Mombasa gives pupils an opportunity to air their opinions over what goes around.  This is through “Drama and Debating Club’ It is through various activities undertaken by the club that members confidence, self esteem and proper reasoning is enhanced.  It also forms basis for entertainment as members take to each other to convince otherwise.

Language mastery and usage is also developed as members are only allowed to communicate in the proper language.  Communication skills are also enhanced.  Members tend to ape exemplary public speakers such as Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Our Own PLO Lumumba just to mention but a few.

Leadership skills are also horned as pupils try to take centre stage.  As Rome was not built in one day, great leadership has to start somewhere.  In years to come these members will be great debaters, in our Kenyan Parliament.  Be careful not to abuse their rights as they will clearly point out what The Act states.  We need to support them in their research to gain more knowledge in their quest to be informed.  Our joint efforts will make a just society.

By  Mr. Beauttah Kimaru Omokeh
Drama and Debating Patron


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