Many experienced educators and school managers find that the learning abilities of children are directly related to their wellbeing at home and in the community. Children who go through stressful situations at home often struggle to reach their full learning potential. On the other hand, children whose emotional, social and physical needs are met within a caring environment may go on to reach this potential, despite the challenges they may face in life.

Studies reveal that learners face a wide range of psychosocial problems in schools. These directly Impacts on their academic performance.

By addressing psychosocial issues and needs of learners, significant barriers to learn and to holistic development are removed.

The past year has seen Loreto adopt the Brick to Bridge program, a psychosocial program that aims at giving its students a stable emotional base and holistic development. Running from standard three all the way to standard eight, the students have gone through an intense yet exciting module on personal awareness. This helps the children focus on themselves as unique individuals as well as deal with negative influence.

The stories and observations give a clear picture of step by step transformation in each child.

This program has also, as part of it's objective, helped to identified children and parents who needed advanced help and such help availed.

A special feature of the program is the emphasis it lays on assisting candidates in neutralizing exam anxiety.
It indeed has been an exciting year and we look forward to seeing the fruits of this program.

'An emotionally stable child breeds a stable generation.’


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