2014  Class Two's had a trip to Haller Park on Thursday 17th July 2014.  All the children had waited with a lot of excitement for this date.  However  there was a heavy downpour in the previous night and this continued with some drizzles on the morning of that great day, and got us bit worried.  Thank God the sky cleared by eight o'clock.

We left for Haller Park at nine o'clock in two buses and got there within forty five minutes.  We were received warmly and after buying  our tickets  we were assigned a tour guide by the name Mr. Wanyama. 

After a brief talk at the education centre, we set into the park with the guide on the lead.  The children were able to see a number of animals and also learn  about their behavior.  The teachers too had something to learI did not know that the weaver birds were such clever birds. They make their nets where they get protection.  These birds had their nests on trees near the crocodile ponds where no one can get there!

The children were able to see monkeys, crocodiles, zebra antelopes, Oryx, buffalo, hippos, water bucks, snakes and giraffes.  The climax of the tour was when the children watched the giraffes feeding and could come so close to them.

The tour guide was very happy with the discipline of the children and really praised our school.
We left the park at 11.30 am.  The children were very happy and are looking forward to more trips.


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