This is an inner conviction that pushes one to achieve something.  Christ who was the greatest teacher, advocated for this valuable value through the holy scriptures.  He gave numerous examples through parables on how determinations links one to his/her success. 

The Bible illustrates different characters who came to Jesus  with determination  that their needs would be met.  The book of Mathew 5: 24-34 make us aware of the story of the woman with an issue of blood for twelve years.  She had consulted different medics in the hope that her condition would be taken care of but without success.  She then heard that Jesus would be passing by.

Knowing that Jesus performed a lot of miracles, she was greatly determined to do what she knew might help her; touching only the hem of the Lord's garment in order to receive her healing. She did not mind pushing through the large crowd around Jesus.  Once she touched the hem, Jesus was greatly moved by the woman's faith. God in heaven examines our hearts and motives.  He is ready to work with us as long as we are determined and have faith.  Hebrews 11: 6 tells us that Without faith, its impossible to please God.  In most of the occasions in the Bible, Jesus is quoted telling his crowd, “ Your faith has made you whole.”  This shows that faith is a vital  ingredient to achieving our goals. 

During this year's School Sports Day, Ryan Matheka, a Standard 8pupil  was a great inspiration to many.  As I sat down watching him running with a lot of zeal and determination though his earlier colleagues were almost the last ones;I was touched.  Immediately, he received a medal.  As parents, teachers and guardians, we should mould our children by instilling positive values and words to them.  This will make them determined to realize their dreams and objectives in life..


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