A man had a dream and in this dream, he was shown two difference scenes, Heaven and hell. The first scene was hell. It was a big hall, at the centre there was a big pot full of delicious stew. The people in hell were looking malnourished, weak, envious and unfriendly. All were seated around the pot and each person was holding a very long spoon, longer than their arms.

The next scene was Heaven. People seated around a big pot containing a delicious stew just as the one in hell. They had the same size of spoons as the people in hell. They all looked  well nourished, contented,  friendly and were all ready to feed one another.

The spoons were longer than their arms; therefore they could not feed themselves but could feed the others, hence feeding one another.  Because of the nature of the people in heaven none of them suffered .They appreciated and fed one another.

On the other hand, the  people in hell suffered due to their nature of ego-centrism,  each person was holding a spoon that was too long to feed him/herself and they were also not willing to feed the others.   “No man is an island”. 

We have all been entrusted with the well-being and happiness of the people that God brings in our lives.


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