" All for the Greater Glory of God"

pta chairmanLoreto Convent School Mombasa has a very active PTA Committee made up of parents, teachers and head of the school who doubles up as the Board Secretary.

The PTA serves as a communication link between the parents and the school and works to support the school in various ways, particularly in raising funds for projects that fall outside of the school's operating budget.

With the funds raised throughtermly parents contributions, the PTA has undertaken a number of projects around the school in the year 2014- some of which include the painting and refurbishment of the school hall, remodeling and construction of the security booth at the main gate, construction of the perimeter wall adjacent to lower classes, pavement of space adjacent to the lower classes and the perimeter wall, painting and minor repairs of the teachers staff room.

The PTA would like to thank the entire Development Committee team led by its indefatigable Chairman, Mr. David Langat for successfully seeing through the above projects. The team has also identified school improvements projects to be undertaken in the year 2015. These will be undertaken after consultations and approval by our esteemed parents in the forthcoming 2015 AGM.

The PTA Education Committee led by Mr. MeshackKodawa and Mr. Gabriel Lule fully utilized all additional resources provided by the PTA to raise the bar in the 2014 KCPE results. A very special mention goes to the 2014 class eight students and Academic Task Force led by Mr. Jonesmus  Mwambire who's YES WE CAN campaign yielded 100% improvement in 2014 KCPE results.

Thank you Mrs. Vicky Kerema and the entire PTAWelfare Committee members. You supported and consoled the bereaved students and parents in our school. You and your team also helped manage school extracurricular activities throughout the year. You appreciated and offered motivation to students, teachers and staff alike. You also catered for Professional counselors who advice and talked to our children.

We cannot thank you enough.

To Sister Gertrude Mallya, our Head  Teacher, Sister Mary Denis, the entire Loreto Sisterhood and the School Advisory Board who lead, managed and inspired our school, teachers and treasured children throughout the year we thank you and salute you.

The PTA would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the entire school and community for their unwavering support of all our activities undertaken in 2014. Indeed we have enjoyed a stable, passionate and dedicated PTA team last year.

I have no doubt that, together, we Parents, Teachers and Head can take Loreto Convent School Mombasa to even greater heights than we could ever imagine in 2015.
Let us all be part of it.

Long Live Loreto Convent School.
David T. Arika - PTA CHAIRMAN.


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