“New beginnings are not easy but today we have been given the grace to begin again.”  Mary Ward, the founder of the Loreto Sisters spoke these words over three centuries ago.  These words, as relevant as they were then, find more relevance today as much.

PTA Chairman

Welcome to Loreto Convent Mombasa School (LCMS).  Seventy Five years is a long time.  A life time, in fact.  To celebrate this Anniversary is a milestone taking into consideration the hardship and metamorphosis LCMS has had to undergo before it could become the present reality it is, transferring from the then Salem Road place to its present location, experiencing from Colonial Kenya to independent Kenya; change in Education systems and all the challenges that go with maintaining and reinstating the School to its present lovely condition while at all times striving to live up to the expectations of the theme and vision of the Loreto Sisters.  Of course, the original Nuns who pioneered the School are all gone but their spirit lives on in the current LCMS Administrators headed by the indefatigable Sr.  Gertrude Mallya and her deputy Mr. Meshack Kodawa.  Under the two, LCMS has grown and achieved great heights in education with our pupils competing favourably in national exams, which is a testimony of the high standard of instruction, laudable staff, visible research and religious instruction of the School.

Indeed the approach the School takes in the instructions of the pupils, that is transformative and holistic, is but something to be proud of.  I am not myself an Alumni of this great institution, but I do share a lot in its history as I have seen my children who have schooled and those still schooling herein grow into respectable, religious and learned young persons and for that I am greatly proud to be associated with LCMS. This is a testimony that I share with many a parent of this institution, both past and present.

The foregoing achievements could not have been attained were it not for the close working relationship existing between the Management and the P.T.A which has been led by pragmatic development conscious and Chairmen of great vision.  The School has had a sustained Text Book project whereby the pupils lack no book required under the syllabus.  To caution our pupils from falling to undesirable practices in our transport system the School prides itself with four (4) buses for picking and dropping our children to and from School.  For our children to be physically fit, the School continues to hold the Annual Swimming Galas as well as School Sports Day.

To commemorate this milestone, the P.T.A in conjunction with the Management has, inter alia, refurbished the School library with a view to making the same not only attractive and conducive to learning but also as a sign of our yearning to provide the best for the present and future pupils of LCMS.  With time it is expected that the same shall be properly stocked with relevant and adequate books and learning materials to match the highest standards expected of a premier institution that is LCMS.

Finally, it cannot be gainsaid that LCMS has grown into a major repository of knowledge and spiritual growth boasting an Alumni spanning thousands of miles world over.  In the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee, I will fail if I conclude without sincerely thanking all persons who have walked and continue walking with LCMS throughout its 75 years and who to date provide their unwavering support, to wit, the Academic, Administrative and Support staff of LCMS, both past and present, the P.T.A; its Committees, Class representatives, the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa, the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters) and most important of all, all the parents both past and present whose unwavering support and co-operation we fondly cherish. I salute you.

Long live Loreto Convent Mombasa School, Happy 75 Years.  God bless us all!


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