Mr. LuleThe school academic report is a continuous process that involves every member of our school community. 

Be they parents, teachers, pupils, administration staff and all other support staff.  Whatever they do in their day to day activities influences a lot in our school academic  programme.

Education forms our core business here in school.  In the past one year we have seen a lot of ventures undertaken to raise the school academic standards. In second term we did Loreto Common exams with all Loreto school in Kenya.  This year the exams ran from class one to class eight.  Am happy to report that Loreto Mombasa's  performance was exemplary. All classes emerged tops with an exception of classes four and eight who came a close second.
Great academic improvement has been noticed from last year  to the final quarter of this year. 
The overall school means currently stands at 410/500, having improved from 401 at the start of the year. This is highly commendable and I take this opportunity to congratulate all of you for the hard work you have been doing to place our school on higher notch academically .

In last year's KCPE, our candidates did us proud. Our school was ranked 18th in Mombasa county and listed among the top 1000 schools nationally. Two of our top candidates (Eilen Okodo and Mumbi Kandi ) received trophies from  the area MPC Abdulswamad for emerging top in our District.

By  Gabriel Lule
Senior Teacher